It’s amazing to see a local restaurant that we have come to know and love, still serving the Western New York community after 100 years!

It’s really an impressive feat, especially when you think about The Great Depression, recessions, a pandemic, and other economic downturns. Through it all, this locally-owned business kept pushing through. 

And how perfect is it that this restaurant recently earned “America’s Best Restaurant” distinction this year too?

Chef’s Restaurant has hit a milestone anniversary of 100 years, and it is incredible. 

Home of the World Famous Spaghetti Parmesan, Chef’s is a restaurant that is unique – not only in Western New York, but across the country. It is quickly recognizable with their one-of-a-kind spaghetti parm and the walls that are covered in pictures of local and national celebrities visiting the iconic location. 

The legacy started with their father, Louise J. Billittier, when the store opened back in 1923. At first, Louise was hired as a busboy, and then became a busboy, a waiter, and then the restaurant manager. 

By 1950, Louise was half-owner of Chef’s, and in 1954, he became sole owner of the restaurant. 

Now, Louise’s kids carry on the legacy. 

Mary Beth and Lou own and manage the regular operations of Chef’s now, but they give credit to the amazing customers over the last 100 years. Without them, the business wouldn’t have made it this far. 

Here’s to the best spaghetti parm in the world and to the Chef’s family, who have made the restaurant feel like another home to any and all customers over the years. 

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