Everything that’s weird seems to happen in Buffalo, New York, and you can add this to the list. 

Chevy Chase and his wife Jayni traveled to Buffalo, New York this week to spread some holiday cheer. The two of them both worked on one of the biggest Christmas movies of all time: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. 

The movie originally premiered in 1989, and 34 years later, Western New York families showed up and packed a theater to watch a screening of the iconic movie on Wednesday, Dec. 6. 

Following the film, Chevy Chase and his wife Jayni walked out on stage at Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo to answer questions from the audience and share stories from their careers, but it had a bit of a scary start. 

What Happened With Chevy Chase?

As Chevy walked on stage to the tune of “Christmas Vacation” by Mavis Staples, he walked to the edge to wave to everyone. 

Chase must have thought that there was a staircase that led to the stage he could walk down, but when he took another step, he ended up falling off stage and rolling onto his back. 

His wife had to rush over to help him up, and people in the audience seemed confused as to whether or not Chevy Chase was joking around or if it was a serious fall. 

It was real…but Chevy was in good spirits afterwards. About two minutes later, he was making jokes about his clumsiness of falling off stage. 

Chevy Chase had an ice pack tapped to his knee following the Q&A, so it looks like he might be a little sore.

Chevy Chase recently celebrated his 80th birthday, so it was a little scary to see him fall. However, Chevy is always good at making people laugh in light of bad situations. In fact, that’s what National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is all about!

Thankfully, he is OK! He continued sharing the stories of his life, including his favorite movie – which is It’s a Wonderful Life. And…that squirrel in the film? Apparently that was a real squirrel! 

We hope to see him in Buffalo again soon. 

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