It wasn't the best way to get a morning started. As I was driving to work today, my truck decided to have an "episode." Doesn't it figure that when things are going to happen, they are going to happen at the absolute worst time!When you work on a morning show, you are required to be up before everyone else. So at 4am when you are on the 400 and need to get to work there are few options. Thank goodness Josh was able to act fast and come pick me up. I basically had to leave my truck til after the show today and scramble for a tow truck later. This "episode" with Black Betty (yes I named my truck) may have been of my own making if you believe in superstitions.

It was just last Friday that me and few guys from work were going back and forth with that age old debate. Chevy versus Ford.As many of you who are truck owners know, we as truck owners are loyal to our favorite brand and far be it for anyone to say anything negative about it. The same goes for the debate over tractors. Green versus Red. Or how about NASCAR drivers? Gordon vs Jr?

I am a Chevy man. I have driven other trucks for work before. But, I have always OWNED Chevy trucks. I just like the look and feel of a Chevy truck. I like the power. The heritage and pride of the Chevy brand. I have nothing personal against Ford or Dodge. I just love Chevy trucks.

truck 2
Photo by: Clay Moden

So when my buddies at work found out about my truck's "episode" this morning, they had a field day. "Shoulda bought a Ford!" "How's that Chevy treating ya?" Blah Blah Blah. It was a hard bit of crow to swallow after I had so deeply defended my Chevy trucks on Friday.Maybe to the point that I jinxed myself.

All kidding aside. Today's trucks. Ford or Chevrolet or Dodge, are better than ever.I know many people in our country don't see the need to have such a big vehicle. Why do I drive a truck? First, because as a citizen of the United States,it is my right to drive what I want to drive. Second, I don't fit very well in a car. I find them uncomfortable and I like the convenience of a bed to load hunting gear in and a truck comes in handy to move larger items. Which happens more often than you would think.

The Chevy v Ford debate will go on for as long as trucks are on the road. Speaking from experience, if you believe in superstition,  have a buddy you can call on to come get you at 4am just in case!! I think the Tracy Lawrence song said it best...'You Find Out Who Your Friends Are."

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