The bar and restaurant scene is continuing to grow in Hamburg.  A new restaurant just announced an opening time frame for this summer.

It has always been tough to be in the restaurant business.  But since the pandemic, it's been even harder.  With all of the restaurants that have been closing lately, it's great to see a new one setting up shop.

A new chicken & barbeque restaurant is coming soon

Yesterday, an announcement was made on Facebook and Instagram about a new restaurant that will be opening in Hamburg.  They're called Lassos Chicken & BBQ.  They will focus on chicken and barbeque but are excited about their drink menu also.  They also mention that there is a built-in stage and that there is a lot of space available.  So we would guess they're hoping to bring live music in also.

Where will Lasso's be in Hamburg?

The announcement states that the new restaurant will be at 50 Buffalo Street in Hamburg.  If you are familiar with the village of Hamburg you'll recognize that it's right up the street from John & Mary's.  It's across the street from Carte Blanche and next to the new bourbon bar that recently opened there called Black Smoke.

When will Lasso's Chicken & BBQ open?

As of right now, it looks like the new owners will be able to get started on work there on April 1st when the space officially becomes theirs.  They will be working hard to transform it and are hoping to get it all done to be open in time for the Hamburg Music Festival.

Follow their Facebook or Instagram page for more updates!

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