Rule #11 in Buffalo, New York: Don’t mess with your neighbor’s chicken wings. 

And don’t comment on one’s consumption of wings, either. 

There are a few virtues of Buffalonians that are, arguably, unspoken rules – applied to anyone and everyone who is within the radius of our city. 

When you live in Buffalo, you are held to certain standards. Always help your neighbor if they are stuck in the snow, check on people who are on the side of the road, donate to charities as often as you can and as much as you are able….

Aaanddd, never mess with one’s consumption of chicken wings. 

A Western New York man shared on Reddit that his friend recently made him feel a little insecure about how often he was eating chicken wings. 

“I was told by someone that once a week is too much,” he wrote on Reddit

Is it though?

After sifting through over 65 responses, it’s clear that Buffalonians have a different definition when it comes to chicken wings being consumed “too much” or “too often.”

Take a look at the most popular responses below. 

We Eat A Lot of Chicken Wings, But How Often?

These 11 responses on Reddit basically cover it.

As long as you can afford the trips to Anchor Bar and Bar-Bill, I think you should go as often as you like! Life is short, so indulge in those chicken wings…you can’t get them like that anywhere else! 

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