The Erie County Fair enters its first weekend this weekend!

For most people, the fair means great food and lots of entertainment and of course fun rides and activities. But for a lot of Western New York’s youth and agriculture families, it means a chance to put their hard work on display. For the kids of the 4-H here in Erie County, and nationwide for that matter, the county fair is the Super Bowl of their year.  We could not gather together formally in 2020 for the kids to sell their animals like we typically do. But that will change this weekend at the Erie County Fair on the Hamburg Fairgrounds.

There will be an auction happening this Saturday, August 14, starting at 1 PM. The 4-H kids of Erie County will be selling their turkeys, chickens, hogs, rabbits, and homemade pies!

There is still time for you to become a buyer at this great auction. I have had the pleasure of helping the 4-H kids at the auction for much of my career. As a matter of fact many of today’s for age kids are the sons and daughters of 4H kids  that I started with back in the early 2000s.

This auction is a great opportunity for you to help agriculture here in Western New York and to fill your freezer before the fall and winter months arrive. As we learned in 2020 and the height of the pandemic, it is a good idea to make sure you have plenty of meat available in your freezer in case a  shortage arrives again.
The youth in agriculture here in Erie County and in Western New York works so hard year-round to make sure their animals are the best they can be. Not only do 4H kids use the money to work on next year’s project, many save their earnings for college and some to purchase a vehicle to get them back-and-forth to work or school. I can’t stress enough how important it is to support the kids and family farms in our community.
If you are interested in becoming a buyer, stop by the Erie County Fair Showplex arena prior to the sale and don’t forget you’ll have a chance to purchase beef at next weekends auction at this year‘s Erie County Fair.

The Erie County Fair will run through August 22 on the Hamburg Fairgrounds off South Park Ave. and McKinley in Hamburg

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