Ticks are a common problem causing diseases like Lyme disease and Powassan virus, plus the tick population is growing and spreading more and more in the United States especially here in the Northeast and in the Midwest, so how can you get rid of them?.

The problem?  Chickens aren't allowed everywhere, so city dwellers will still need to find other sources of tick control, but if you live where you're allowed to house chickens in your yard, this could be a great idea.  Plus fresh eggs for breakfast!
What else can you do to help with tick control?
  • Keep grass clipped short on the areas where you spend time
  • Reduce or avoid leaf litter, which ticks love to hide in (clean up yard debris). Clean up, keeping in mind that ticks love high humidity and lurk just above the soil surface or in brushy or taller grass areas, as well as in leaf litter and ground covers.
  • Use a tick spray when going into grassy and weedy areas.  DEET repellents are best.

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