Cash is a perfect one size fits all gift! Need something to take your mind off the big storm that is coming? Need some extra cash for those holiday bills? This could be a great week for you!

The stores have been crazy with last minute shoppers and those who are prepping for the blizzard and cyclone bomb that is coming to the Great Lakes region and New York State. But if you get to a store, you may see another very long line. Nobody has one either of the major lottery jackpots and they are getting fat!

There was no winner in the most recent Mega Millions draw and that will push the jackpot to around $510 million! The cash payout for Friday's draw will be $266.8 milion!

The Powerball drawing is tonight and will be set at a measly, $110 million with the cash option of $91.5 million! Not a bad payout for the lucky winner.

What are your plans for Christmas? Lottery tickets are good gifts for those who are over 18. There have been a few public service ads running that aim to keep lottery tickets from getting in to kids hands this Holiday season. Gambling addiction is a big problem for families and the fear is that kids who are exposed to the lottery early may have a greater chance of becoming addicted to it. Be safe and think smart this year. And, most of all, GOOD LUCK!

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