Holiday shopping should be in full swing by now, and if it's not, that should happen between now and Christmas Eve.

The holidays can be stressful since both work and Christmas preparations can take a lot out of people. One thing many of us look forward to around Christmas is snow. The idea of a white Christmas is magical and is nostalgic for many. That perfect snowfall on Christmas morning is unlike anything in life.

Unfortunately, last year was a winter nightmare in Buffalo and across Western New York. The Christmas week blizzard basically ruined holiday plans for everyone, as it caused undrivable conditions and reported deaths in what was the worst blizzard in the region's history.

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We're 10 days from Christmas Eve, so now is the time to look at early forecasts for this year's Christmas. The good news is we won't see a blizzard or major winter storm for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but the bad news is we won't have a white Christmas in 2023.

According to the 10-day forecast for The Weather Channel, Buffalo and Western New York will see highs around 40 degrees for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with no precipitation in the forecast as it stands now, but that could change. Partly sunny skies are what the forecast is right now.

Rain is expected this Sunday night and through Monday, with snow possible late Monday and into Tuesday. After that, there is no forecasted snow for Buffalo through Christmas Day. Again, could change but those of us here in Western New York should expect a green Christmas this year.

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