I know it’s WAY too early to start thinking about Christmas.  Trust me I’m the first one to remind people that we haven’t even had my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!  Even so I have realized in the past that waiting to do my Christmas Shopping till Black Friday and into December is not the best of ideas.


 Yes you can definitely get great deals on Black Friday especially if you’re looking for that new flat screen TV you’re looking to buy for husband but the rest of the stuff start buying now!  Seriously do you really want to fight the crowds for that last video game or even better have to bundle up just to drive to the store in a Blizzard?  I’m guessing you’re answer is the same as mine – NO!  Now is the perfect time of the year especially with all of these arts and craft festivals happening around town now!  You could find all these amazing homemade items that your family will love!  Here’s a few I definitely suggest checking out this weekend!

First is the big one – Christmas in the Country.  If you have never been to this one then you have no idea what you’re missing.  They hold this event at the Hamburg Fairgrounds till Sunday and they have so many items for you to look over!  Seriously this one is a Western New York Holiday Tradition!  Christmas in the Country has artisans from all over the world so you know you’ll get a wide variety of gifts to choose from!  There is going to be jewelry, handcrafted items, children clothing and toys, soap, and that’s just the beginning. 

Then get a big chunk of your Christmas shopping completed at the Homespun Holiday Bazaar at the Hamburg United Methodist.  This event too is fantastic with all of their homemade goods like table runners, baby clothes, blankets and more.  This one definitely had my eye when they started mention homemade food!  It’s like Grandma’s cooking all over again!  You can pick yourself up some homemade jams, jellies, pies and even cookies!   Yum!  There is definitely a wonderful selection of craft items for you to pick through.

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