They were giving away Candy Corn Pizza on Halloween night and now they are headed into the chip world. Today, Chuck-E-Cheese is debuting a new pizza that will feature Cheetos. The limited edition pizza is described by the company as,

"Cheese pizza, mac 'n' cheese, and Cheetos®… For cheese-lovers, the three are now combined in one delicious dish! For a limited time only, upgrade the original Mac-Cheesy Pizza with a wild, new twist. The Cheetos Mac-Cheesy Pizza features a creamy cheese sauce mixed with elbow macaroni, smothered in melted, bubbly Colby and 100 percent whole milk mozzarella cheese - all topped with a magnificent, crunchy layer of Cheetos."


Chuck E Cheese's
Chuck E Cheese's

The pizza will be around only for a limited time and only participating locations in the United States and Canada. The company even teased the big announcement on their Twitter account. Find out more about the pizza on Chuck E Cheese's website.

Chuck E Cheese Locations in WNY


4408 Milestrip Rd.
4994 Harlem Rd.

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