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Parking seems to be one of those that is such an added expense when doing an event. It seems like such a money grab.

It is a business after all, but in most cases, you could park for free and then walk. That might just have to be what you do because the prices to go to an event in downtown Buffalo are going up.

The increase seem small, but it is really going to add up over time. The last time that the City of Buffalo raised the parking rates was in 2020. It is important to note that the new proposal from the City of Buffalo Council has not yet been approved.

Here are some of the details and price increase examples that would happen if the proposal were to get approved:

  • The parking department is asking for an increase of 10 dollars on all monthly parking.
  • This could lead to a one dollar maximum increase on all daily parking and 50 cents on hourly parking for drivers.
  • Flat nightly rates would increase by two dollars.

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