Too funny.

If you are a hunter you know that it's the stories and time you spend with your friends and family and camp that are the most memorable--and sometimes the real reason you go.

Tim McGraw called WYRK on Monday morning and talked about all sorts of stuff from his new song 'I Called Mama', that could just be his first number 1 since 'Humble and Kind' 4 years ago, the football match between the Titans and Bills that MAY happen and his good buddy, Jim Kelly.

Jim Kelly and Tim McGraw have been tight for quite some time. Both, great, down to earth, humble guys and would do anything for you. When we had Tim on, he told us we had to ask Jim about a hunting story.

So....we called Jim.

Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly had us laughing Wednesday morning, when he told us the story about him chasing a story. You have to hear it for yourself, below. Also, he talked about the time he stayed with the McGraw's and how they went tailgating at a high school game, Jim's bad luck and Faith Hill's hospitality.

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