There is a new trendy app called FaceApp and it is sweeping the internet right now. Celebrities are having a field day with app and you can too!

Clay, Dale and I decided to try it out and it did not disappoint! It's a little frightening but all in good fun.



Clay's face was ideal for this app! We now have a sneak peek into Clay's future and time did him well! It's also frustrating how pretty of a lady he would make! LOL



The app was not as kind to Dale as it was to Clay. Instead of aging him we decided to turn him into a baby. Also, Dale as a female.....lets be honest, not as pretty as Clay!



Im not so sure age was kind to me. lol Also, the app had a little trouble with my hair when turning me into a male. The smile one hands down is hysterical! make sure you mug in your selfie when you use this app!

Also, make sure you have another great app on your phone! the WYRK BUFFALO App! You can grab it in your app store for Apple and Android products.

Stay up-to-date on what's happening in WNY, take the station wherever you can and keep connect with everyone at WYRK!

I had to add this photo because it looks like we broke the law and got caught... Clay, Dale and Liz's mug shots! LOL


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