Our son Hank is almost 15 months old and has started to show a few signs that perhaps he is getting ready for some potty training. I took on a task that even a few years ago I never thought would happen.

With a day off Tuesday, I told Elizabeth that I would go shopping for a potty.

How difficult can it be? Need a toilet, buy a toilet.  Right? I had no idea that there was so much selection involved.

Colors, some with buttons that make flush sounds, some that have a carrying case for travel, some with targets inside. Some that have ladders and even some that fold up for easy storage. Thanks to the staff at Buy Buy Baby for some assistance and helpful advice,  I went with a plain white potty.

I learned so many things about shopping for a potty. But the biggest lesson? Don't try to make a potty purchase without some assistance or at least do some research before you head to you local baby store!


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