After listening to Brett Alan play The Star Spangled Banner on Thursday, I had a moment of inspiration and reflection about why it is so important for us to continue to hear that on WYRK.

Since the cowardly attacks on America in 2001, you have heard various artists perform our National Anthem in an effort for us to show our pride, courage and steadfast dedication to proving to the world we are United.

This has never been more true since September 11th, than it is right now.

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As Americans, we are all dealing  with the rigors and hardships brought on by the Novel Coronavirus. It’s an enemy that is very real and intimidating.  Similar to those who would attack us, has one goal; to tear us apart  IF we let it.

Like you, our family has made adjustments to our everyday life.  The new normal sucks. But it is a challenge that we are coming together to overcome in every corner of America.

When you hear the National Anthem on WYRK each day and night, take a minute to be thankful for those on the front-line of this fight.

Doctors, nurses, first responders, our political leaders and countless volunteers that are staring down the danger they face daily to protect you and me and our families.
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t  concerned for our kid’s future.  But deep down, my faith in the power of the people of the United States brings me back to a confident belief that just like we have in the past, the people of the USA will be victorious and, in the long run, be stronger and more solidified as a Nation.

I hope your family is safe and well. And I hope you will join us each day to celebrate the greatest country on earth.

God Bless the USA!

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