With gas prices the way they are I will take any advice when it comes to saving and experts say something as simple as cleaning your car and your trunk can help with your gas mileage .  Depending on the specific model, your car loses 1-2% fuel efficiency for every 100 pounds of extra weight inside the car or trunk.  I’m forever leaving things in my car trunk and find it annoying when I go to put groceries there.  If you’re like me and use your car trunk as a storage area, take the time to empty everything out of the trunk and back seat that doesn't need to be there. In addition to cleaning out the inside of your car, it's also a good time to take off the car rack if you have one. Car racks significantly reduce the aerodynamics of the car which lowers your overall gas mileage.

Finding out I could potentially save on gas mileage hopefully will give me the push to clean the crap out of my trunk like bags of CD’s I don’t listen to, I think there are couple of blankets and shoes from the summer too so I better get cracking to save money.  The more weight you shed from the car, the lighter and more fuel-efficient it will be and experts say it could save us $20 to $30 bucks a year.  Heck every penny counts.