Raise your hand if you remember the shortages of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a good chance that you still have a stockpile of toilet paper left after the fears it was going to be gone! Now we have to worry about a popular cleaning product going away as there may be a Clorox shortage.

Everyone has a go to cleaning product and it seems that when there are reports of shortage or supply issues, people buy them even if they don't use them.

According to reports, Clorox is still trying to recover from a cyberattack. The information was disclosed last month and reported on Monday, and that the damage it suffered has caused it to process orders more slowly and, in some cases, by hand!

NBC News reported that:

The company said that it has resumed production at a vast majority of its manufacturing sites, but it is still repairing infrastructure that was damaged by the cyberattack and reintegrating systems that it took offline in pre-emptive measures.

Beyond the shortages, there have been a string of recalls lately. From cheese to burger meat, companies have asked costumers to throw out, or return their products for refunds and exchanges.

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