Brrrrr. Time to take a frosty journey through history!

We all know that Buffalo isn’t exactly known as a tropical paradise. Whenever Buffalo is mentioned in movies or on TV shows, it’s usually lumped in with a joke about the cold and snow (or the Bills). But have you ever wondered how cold it can actually get here in the Queen City?

We’ve definitely had some impressive cold snaps here in Western New York over the years. If anything, we think it makes us more resilient. Sure, there have been times that we’ve had to close schools due to extreme freezing temperatures and days we were warned not to stay outside for too long. But dealing with the cold of winter is part of our Buffalo DNA, and we think we’re pretty equipped to handle it.

That being said, we haven’t seen extreme record-setting cold temperatures in years compared to the coldest days ever recorded in Buffalo. We analyzed decades of data from the National Weather Service to travel back in time and see which days here in Buffalo had the coldest temperatures of all time.

We couldn’t imagine dealing with extreme icy weather like the temperatures below without the comforts and technology we have to stay warm today - and some of these record setting cold days took place nearly 150 years ago!

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So grab a warm cup of cocoa and a cozy blanket, and get ready to be thankful we haven’t had it that bad.

Let’s take a bone-chilling look into the coldest days in Buffalo's history.

The Coldest Buffalo Days Of All Time

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