The final week of the 2020 NFL season featured a crazy playoff picture. Among the teams fighting for a playoff spot were the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts. If the Dolphins won that meant they would be in the postseason. The Colts needed a win and either Miami or another team to lose.

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All those other teams (Baltimore, Cleveland, Tennessee) won. However, the Bills came through to beat Miami, 56-26 and Indianapolis made the playoffs. Ironically, they will now play at Buffalo for the Wild Card game on Saturday.

After the win, Colts fans and the IndyStar decided to spread the word and make donations to the Patricia Allen Fund at the Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo. It was a "thank you" gesture for beating the Dolphins and allowing them to make the playoffs.

That is so awesome. That fans of opposing teams can show such a strong gesture and donate to kids in need.

As for the game, the Colts and Bills kickoff at 1:05 p.m. at Bills Stadium on Saturday. The game will be shown on CBS/WIVB.

Go Bills and thank you Colts fans!

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