The summer beer season will be here before we know it, although in Western New York, you don't need 80-degree weather to have a reason to have a drink with family and friends.

If you go to other cities around the country, there are breweries but not as many as there are in the greater Buffalo region. There are a few dozen breweries in Western New York. The thing too is that they are all amazing and part of a tight-knit community.

Two of the most popular ones have made big news this week.

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According to The Buffalo News, Community Beer Works will be buying Thin Man Brewery. This is shocking news since Community Beer Works is smaller than Thin Man.

But this deal, according to TBN, will unite the two Buffalo breweries.

The Buffalo News reports that Community Beer Works will buy Thin Man's equipment, recipes, brands and distribution rights. The good news is Thin Man's products will live on, just under Community Beer Works.

This leads to a question everyone will have after hearing this news...who else will be absorbed in the Buffalo beer scene? Will there be more consolidation and purchases that will place two breweries in the same building?

Both Community Beer Works and Thin Man offer gold standard beers:

  • Let's Go Pils (Community Beer Works)
  • Good Neighbor (Community Beer Works)
  • Minkey Boodle (Thin Man)
  • Pills Mafia (Thin Man)

This is the time of year where it would be helpful to support local breweries. Before the warm weather hits.

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