Dream jobs are out there.  You just need to know where to find them.  This one involves watching TV, and tweeting.  You can do that, right?

You heard about the job where someone is going to get paid $1000 to taste bacon right?  It's perfect for any bacon lover out there.

Well, this one is perfect for any diehard fan of the TV Show "Friends" from the 90s.  They are celebrating 25 years since the start of the series and a company called Frontier Communications is looking for someone who already loves it to watch 25 hours of "Friends."

Do you know all the lines already?  Do you remember the story lines?  They might want you!

“This job is for any self-proclaimed die-hard Friends superfan looking to prove their salt. We’re in search of the ones who know the quotes ('PIVOT'), the hilarious scenarios (the beef in the trifle; the Holiday Armadillo), and all the little details (exactly how many sisters does Joey have? What is Chandler’s job?) that make the show the tried and true classic it is,” - FrontierBundles.com

Think this is for you?  Watch "Friends" and tweet about it and you could win a Friends prize pack and $1000!

Don't wait...you need to get your submission in before September 3rd.


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