The foundation was poured a couple of weeks ago and now it's starting to take shape.  The Riverworks Ferris wheel is coming together - literally.

It was almost a year ago that we first told you about the new Ferris wheel that was coming to Riverworks.  Now, it's almost here. They're calling it the Buffal-O Ferris Wheel and it's suddenly taking shape and filling in its place on the Buffalo Skyline.

Over the last couple of years, Buffalo's waterfront has really gotten a facelift.  With new attractions being added every day, it's really become a destination to bring guests from out of town when they come to visit.  Soon, we will have something else for them (and us) to do.

As I was driving home yesterday over the skyway I noticed it so I decided to stop by this morning to click a couple pictures before it was completed.

The wheel altogether has a very red, white, and blue look to it.  The rim of the wheel is red with white and blue braces.  The bracing or the base of the ferris wheel is attached to a new concrete pour that actually is sitting on top of the base of an old building.  In the pictures you'll be able to see the difference from the new pour and the old one.  If the wheel is like the picture they shared with us when they first announced it, the cars or the capsules will be white.

It looks like at the beginning of the day today (8/4/21), the base of the wheel is in place and they are a little over 75% finished assembling the wheel.  The cars are not on quite yet.

It's looking pretty cool! When it's finished, people should be able to get a pretty cool view of the city from the top of this wheel.

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