We know we have to pay for a ticket.  Unless you know somebody, you probably have to pay for parking.  But what other costs are involved in going to a Bills game?

There is a lot of money in the NFL.  From what it costs to build and maintain stadiums to paying those big player paychecks.  Where does it all come from?

The answer...is you.

Sure, these owners are rich but a lot of that money comes from the fans.  They're the ones who buy the tickets to see the games.  They're the ones buying beers in the stadium.  They're the ones who pay for those jerseys that they wear on Sunday afternoons.

Recently, Finance Buzz did a study to find out how much fans are paying for food, merchandise, and alcohol when they go to a game.  After reading it, you might be glad you're a Bills fan.

How much do Bills fans actually spend on alcohol?

Bills fans have been voted as some of the biggest partiers.  They've been voted as some of the drunkest fans.  But how much of that alcohol is actually purchased in the stadium?  Finance Buzz found that the average Bills fan spends about $38.37 per game on alcohol.  That's like 2 beers.

It's actually not bad when you look at it next to other stadiums.  The league-wide average is $41.03.  So we're just below average.  The top three teams in the league were San Francisco ($59.78), the Chicago Bears ($58.76) and the New York Jets ($57.76).

What about other concessions?

When you factor in food with drinks and just lump it all together, the Bills are still close to the bottom of the league with an average price of $75.59.  With the league average at over $100 ($102.90) it feels like we make out there too.  If you've seen prices of food in the stadium, you have to be in disbelief right now.  There were actually only 4 teams below the Bills that pay less for their concessions.

Want to see expensive, go to an LA Rams game.  Their average for concessions is $176.17.

How about merch?  Do Bills fans spend more on merchandise?

The league-wide average for merchandise purchased at a game is $144.45.  The Bills are closer to the middle of the pack on this one but still not close to the most expensive.  Their average was $146.71.  So it's almost right at average.  The team that spends the most on merch?  That would be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with an average of $228.95.

Will the Bills still be average when the new stadium is built?

It's hard to say how prices will change when the new stadium is built.  We already know that seats will probably be going up.  They've already brought up that seat licenses could be sold which could increase the price of one seat by over $500.  There will probably be more amenities in the new stadium, so will it cost us more?  The powers that be have already said they have no intention of pricing people out of the stadium.  They want you to be there.  They want you to be able to afford it.  We will have to see when the time comes.

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