Buffalo has a lot going for it these days.  Now, a scientist from Harvard claims it could be the best city to withstand climate change.

While those of us who live here understand how great of a city it is, is it really a place where people might come to live as a means of survival?  Could it become an oasis or a refuge for people who are trying to escape climate change.

A couple of the reasons why some think it might be the perfect refuge:

1.  Its proximity to fresh water in the great lakes

2.  Its elevation from sea level

3. Its distance from the coast

4.  Should it get warmer...our snowy winters could become a little more temperate.

According to NBC News, he study was done by Jesse M. Keenan, a professor at Harvard and an expert on climate change adaptation.  There is an organization that studies people and what forces them to be displaced called The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, an international organization based in Geneva, Switzerland.  They estimated that 16.1 million people were displaced in weather-related disasters across the planet in 2018.

I'm not sure that as Buffalonians we will have to worry about a sudden flood of people coming here however.  Looking at the comments on this post sure does look like many people still don't see Buffalo as a place they would like to live.  Hopefully they will never have to worry about it.  But I know that as a life long Western New Yorker, I'm glad to be where I am.

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