People around the world are doing everything they can to avoid spreading the coronavirus.  The NBA is even considering moving some of their games to other cities.

Many organizations are trying to adapt to the current state the world is in.  Is it panic?  Is it the responsible thing to do to curb it?  Is it warranted?

Whatever it is, this is where we are these days.  Travel is being affected, goods and services being shipped and delivered have been interrupted. Now, what should be done about sports?  Obviously it's a huge group of thousands of people getting together in one area.  If any of them were infected with the coronavirus, it would be a perfect opportunity for it to spread.

So how do major sports organizations continue to deliver their product, keep their players safe, and minimize the chance that the virus will spread through them?

According to ESPN, the NBA has mulled over a few options.  They thought about just eliminating fans from the stands.  They've thought about suspending games.  Now, they're considering "moving games to the away opponent's arena if that city hasn't suffered an outbreak -- or even moving games to neutral cities and sites."

As of right now, Western New York is one of those areas.  Would it be possible that Buffalo could see some NBA Basketball at Key Bank Center if Toronto gets forced out?  What kind of testing would those team members have to go through to come here?

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