There is a new company that might be able to predict the winner of the next presidential race.  It's called Therapoo and they specialize in dog poo bags. You know, the little bags that you collect your dog's waste in?  Only these aren't just plain old bags.

These bags have the likenesses of political figures on them.  So you could pick up a bag with President Obama's face on it or maybe Governor Romney.  Heck, at this point, I think most people think they're full anyway.

So how could they predict the winner of the next election?  According to Dan Huber, the owner of Therapoo, most people buy the bag of the candidate that they like the least.  Which makes sense.  Why would you do that to a candidate that you like?

Who is leading the dog waste bag race?  Currently President Obama is selling more bags at a 3-1 ratio.