Spring is just a few weeks away now and I find this year more so than any other I’m counting the days until warmer weather.  It has been a long cold winter and I’m ready break out from my winter hibernation.  I am the type of person that likes to hideaway during the winter months.  It’s true, I’ll will run into people this spring that I haven’t seen in months and they’ll say “where you’ve been?” and I simply say, “I go underground during the winter months”.   I’m ready to get out there now!! I love that the days are growing longer and that it’s not pitch dark when I wake up or get home from work for that matter.  Spring is my favorite season, I love seeing the trees turn green again and hearing the birds chirp in early morning.  Everything gets a fresh start it seems in springtime it takes me back to when I was in school and use to stare at the clock at the end of the day just waiting for the bell to ring.  I knew once I got home I could ride my bike or my horse Thunder (seen in the picture on the left) until sundown.  I guess I just feel like a kid again with the arrival of spring and it can’t come any faster this year.  Is spring your favorite season?