Back in 2004 I worked for an airline that came and went from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, it was only around for a year and a half. I learned alot working for an airline, I dealt with people that screamed in my face about flight delays, cancelled flights and most importantly lost luggage. I hate to point fingers to the airline's hub that always seemed to lose luggage but unfortunately lost luggage is something that occurs in the airline industry. Has an airline ever lost your luggage?

Tiger Airways has a new song that Dale Watson wrote about the airline and it's not good publicity for them. Dale Watson is a country music singer from Austin, Texas and wrote a song about his horrible experience with the airline. Tiger Airways lost a piece of luggage that contained about 120 CD's, and when Dale attempted to get compensated for the lost luggage Tiger Airways did not seem to care to take care of the situation. After four months of fighting with Tiger Airways Dale Watson finally was compensated 2,000.00 for the lost CD's and reimbursed 500.00 for lost baggage excess fee.

Unfortunately, the airline did not act quick enough for Dale Watson he has released a song that he wrote about his ordeal with Tiger Airways. He has been performing the song and there's a video for the song on Youtube, check it out below. Dale got revenge with this song against Tiger Airways, the song is called "Tiger Airways-We Don't Careways".

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