Take the pictures.It matters.

There was a story that happened right here in Buffalo that will warm your heart so we had to share. Sarah Marinaro is the photographer at Rosebud Studios here in Buffalo, who was involved in one of the most humbling experiences in her career.

She offered to take pictures for a couple who were getting married in Buffalo......immediately.

It is every bride's dream to have the perfect wedding day. Even if you are not engaged yet, you think about how your wedding will go: who will be in the wedding, where you want it to be,

A couple, Jordan and Will, had a turn of events though and suddenly, all of their plans for their wedding went right out the window.

Sarah is in a local Buffalo Moms Facebook group and that's how she became involved:

A little backstory on how this came about, the bride’s sister reached out in a local mom group looking for a dress for her sister. This was where I found out about the wedding and offered to photograph it for them.

Here is the post that was in the group looking for some help from Jordan's sister:


Well, they had the wedding out in the courtyard at Roswell. A big congratulations going out to Jordan and Will who were able to travel up to Buffalo to be with their dad and make the wedding happen. It looked like a beautiful day surrounded by the people that mattered most in their lives.

The minister, the best man, and the maid of honor were all there. The nurses and staff were out there. It was a beautiful moment that was captured all by photographs and memories that nobody will ever be able to take away.

Jordan's father has since passed, but the memories will last a lifetime with the help of these pictures.

The photographer, Sarah posted on Instagram and reminded us how important pictures are and to take more of them.

Whether you hire me or someone else doesn’t even matter to me so much as just taking the time out of your busy schedule to slow down, take in whatever season of life you’re in, and take photos.

Surprise your grandparents with a session to document their love. Gift your parents pictures of your kids for their birthday. Have a session done with your spouse just for fun! It matters. Your life matters. Your memories matter. Your loved ones matter.

Take the pictures. It matters.

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