If you attended a particular church service recently, you are being asked to get a COVID test.

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According to the reports, several members of the New Zion Baptist Church have recently tested positive for the illness. Drive-thru and walk-up testing will be conducted from 10am-2pm tomorrow in the church parking lot on High Street.

Anyone who recently attended services there is being urged to get screened.

As the summer reaches the midway point and we are all anxious about the fall, testing is going to be even more important. Even the NFL is changing it's "game plan" as more and more players are opting out of the season due to COVID concerns.

If you attend a church service, be sure to stick to your social distance and mask wearing routine. It doesn't hurt to stock up on your hand sanitizers as well. Most all of the churches and meeting places are going the extra mile to keep you safe. But it really comes down to personal responsibility for your own health and safety for your family.

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