WARNING: This story and pictures might be too graphic for some.

We have a coyote problem in Lancaster over the weekend. In fact, it came right up to our house. At least we think that it did.

I woke up on Sunday morning to see a deer that was absolutely mutilated by, what I think has to be coyote. The deer was chewed in the rear and was laying right by the side of our house, which is also right by the woods.

Since it was a Sunday, we couldn't call the town or the highway department to come pick up the deer if I brought it to the side of the road, so out of caution, I called the DEC to see if they needed any info on the deer/any recommendations on what to do.

In the end, I took it about 50 foot in the woods, as far back as I could go and buried it in a shallow grave. Two days later IT WAS BACK BY THE HOUSE. The entire carcass was dug up and brought all the way back to the house. At this point it was 3 days since the deer was killed and maggots were all over the deer. I took the deer right to the street where Erie County Highway was awesome and picked it up within minutes.


Have you seen any coyotes in Western New York that have been close to any residential neighborhoods or close to houses? There were even reports last year that coyotes were spotted in downtown Buffalo!

Take a look at some of these pictures below.

Does This Coyote in My Backyard Have Mange?

Look at this coyote spotted in Rob Banks' backyard.

Gallery Credit: Rob Banks

Look At The Hidden Owl in The Tree in Lancaster

Look At The Hidden Owl in The Tree in Lancaster 

Gallery Credit: Rob Banks

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