With temperatures being unbearably hot across the state, a nice vacation by the water sure does sound like an amazing getaway. 

We’re so lucky here in New York to have gorgeous lakes like Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain, and Skaneateles Lake, just to name a few. But arguably one of the most popular vacation spots for weekend getaways for residents all around the Empire State is the gorgeous Lake George

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The small lake located in the Adirondack Mountains is a hugely popular destination, with thousands of visitors during the summer. It has theme parks, camping grounds, famous steamboat rides, and dozens of great restaurants. It really is a great place to take a trip during the summer…  

That is, unless you find one of these in your accommodations. 

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Deadly Animal Found In A New York State Hotel

Yeah, um…if we saw one of these where we were going to stay, vacation over.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation was called to the scene to a Lake George hotel to remove a venomous timber rattlesnake from one of the hotel common areas. 
Ironically enough, Environmental Conservation Police Officers were attending a training on how to handle rattlesnakes merely five minutes away from the establishment when the (we imagine frantic) call came in.

Unfortunately, the training is necessary, as Lake George (along with the South Bay area of Lake Champlain) is a large breeding ground for the dangerous snakes. Usually they’re found in the wild, but it looks like sometimes, one may lose its way and find itself in public. 

The DEC safely captured the snake and returned it to its natural habitat, and no one was thankfully hurt. 

We hope this won’t deter anyone from taking a much-needed getaway to beautiful Lake George, but we admit, it may cause some to lose a little sleep once they get there. 

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