If you live in the Hamburg area, there is a good chance you have either seen or heard coyotes on the prowl. I have said for years that coyotes will be the last survivors on the earth. But has the coyote population become a problem in town parks?

Channel 2 News is reporting that some dogs were caught in coyote traps that were placed near a park in Hamburg.

It's not uncommon to see coyotes hunting for their lunch during the day or howling at each other after dark. Squirrels, mice and even household cats are the perfect meal for a coyote. Traps can be used and some hunters will use dogs to track down coyotes when hunting them as well. The season runs until March 25th.


The issue in Hamburg appears to be that the traps are being placed in areas that dogs tend to play. In the story released by Channel 2 News:

Town Supervisor James Shaw says there was an earlier concern about coyotes near the golf course but now, "Until we get some information and talk this through I don't want any more trapping."

Reporter: "Do you think it's possible there are any traps there now?"

Shaw: "No. I think it was done by a foreman for the golf course who brought in a friend to do the trapping because of the coyotes. But now we want to make sure if we do it we follow the law with a licensed trapper."

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