We don't normally have crazy animal stories in Western New York. A big part of that is the fact we simply don't have many animals that would cause a crazy or weird animal story.

Florida has alligators. There are some animals in Texas and New Mexico that you cannot find in New York state, but once in a while you do see an animal that isn't seen very often.

Coyotes are an animal that you might not feel are common sightings in New York state, but turns out they are common throughout Western and Central New York. You don't normally see them doing what was reported to the West Seneca Police Department, however.

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The West Seneca Police Department shared a crazy reported coyote sighting on their Facebook page on Tuesday night.

The report stated that a coyote was laying on a woman's couch, presumably in her home...

Animal Control was called.

I think I speak for everyone in that we need to know how the coyote got inside the home. Also, what happened when animal control arrived? Did they detain the coyote? Shoo it away?

The West Seneca Police Department has been one of the best follows on social media for years. Their Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter) accounts have been entertaining to follow because of the jokes, funny one-liners and sharing incredible reports such as this one about a coyote laying on a woman's couch.

Let's all take bets on what report they share next...

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