It's not uncommon to come across a coyote in the suburbs.  However, when they're found in places where they aren't normally, it throws off a balance that many people are accustomed to.Coyotes are often introduced to certain areas in NY to help naturally control the deer population.

That's evidently not the case at Forrest Lawn Cemetery where they have been disrupted by a coyote that is creating a disturbance there.  While coyotes will normally avoid interaction with humans, this one seems to be doing some damage to the fawn population there.


So how do you get rid of them when they aren't supposed to be there and they don't cause a problem?  The initial conclusion was that a trap might be the best option:



But then after talking with the SPCA, the traps were nixed:



What do you think they should do about the coyote?

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