This had to be super scary to see in real life as people are walking below. There was a crane that collapsed in New York State and it was caught on video.

The incident has left 9 people and 3 firefighters injured after the crane fell. There was a fire that broke out yesterday morning that caused the crane collapse. The fire was happening at a high-rise building. The building was currently under construction. Right now it is 47 stories tall and construction workers were pouring concrete to make the building even bigger.

How did the crane collapse in New York State?

Right now, some of the streets in Manhattan are still shut down from incident.

The crane was carrying 16 tons of concrete and as the fire burned, it weakened the cable holding up the concrete until the cable gave way.

The crane boom went swinging like a sledgehammer, slicing a neighboring building, before both it and the concrete collapsed onto the street below", according to ABC.

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