A former Buffalo Bills player was hit by a car earlier this week. Someone was mad at him after a fight so they took their car and deliberately hit him.

Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens was hit by a car on Monday night. He was playing a game of pickup basketball in California, got in an argument on the court with another player. The person who he was arguing with, got in his car and hit T.O. in the parking lot striking his right leg.

T.O. declined medical attention and will be okay.

Owens actually has a Key to the City of Buffalo. Really, 4 people have been given the 'key' from the Mayor.

The first guy is T.O. They City of Buffalo Mayor, Byron Brown gave Terrell the Key to the City of Buffalo during a taping of a VH1 reality show that was filming here in Western New York.

The SECOND person/people, which makes a whole lot more sense is Terry Pegula and his wife Kim, the owners of the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. Which, makes sense. Having the winning bid for the Buffalo Bills, meant that the team was going to stay here in Western New York. There were some possibilities of owners taking the team elsewhere. They were given the Key to the City in 2014 after the grand opening of the HARBORCENTER.

Lastly, Steven Coppola, a North Buffalo native received a key to the City of Buffalo from Byron Brown in 2008 after winning the bronze medal in rowing at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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