We are all starting to see through all this garbage right?  Every time someone gets a little loud, they expect the world to bend over backward for them so they can get what they want.  It's like children.  The more you give into the tantrums, the more they will throw.

That's kind of what looks like is happening here.  According to the video, the girl did not make reservations to eat at a restaurant in Disney World.  Then when other people are called to their tables before her (presumably ones WITH reservations) she throws a fit and berates the manager.  She even goes so far as to claim sexual harassment because he was "waving his fingers" at her.


Dear girl,

I'm sorry you didn't get to sit down and eat your overpriced chicken tenders faster but calling someone out for sexual harassment is a big deal.  Its something that should be taken seriously and not thrown around because you're angry that you didn't get to fill your face.  I hope that your threats don't get taken seriously and that you learn to control your temper.  You never know who might be recording your behavior and yours is pretty crappy.

--Just about everybody else

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