For those who work with their voice and who rely on a good voice for their career, there may be nothing more frustrating than being hoarse or having laryngitis. For singers, broadcasters and teachers, having a cold or sore throat is so annoying and people immediately will comment or question what is happening. Can you imagine that happening to someone on national television?

The Buffalo Bills beat the Los Angeles Rams last Thursday night on NBC and Cris Collinsowrth was a part of the broadcast as the analyst. It seemed as though Collinsoworth was not operating at 100 percent that evening and it sure was a struggle more recently on Sunday Night Football.

As a person who also relies on having a healthy voice, I felt for Cris Collinsworth during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys game. Clearly Cris Collinsworth was not having a good night with his voice and social media was all over it.

Was it the fast turn around and travel that go to his voice? Is it a health issue or perhaps just dry air from the West Coast? Either way, I felt bad for the guy. There is nothing that irritates someone who is passionate about broadcasting more than voice rest or voice issues. Especially if they linger.

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