If you work at a job where you are forced to sit in a 5x5 cubicle ( or whatever the tiny measurement is) , you may relate to this post.  I am given a desk/cubicle...and I only use it for pictures and a place to set stuff for the show.  I'd hate to be trapped there for nearly 8 hours.  For those of you who have to sit there, here is a small list I compiled of cubicle no-no's at the workplace! 


- Flossing at the desk is completely unacceptable- Do it at home, do it in the car....just don't fling your plaque at work!!!

-Questionable pictures/images- Decorate tastefully!!  (Guys: yep, the pictures of cheerleaders and models should be kept in your bedroom)


-Loud talking on personal cell phone- If you are doing business calls...then maybe, but try to keep the noise to a minimum.  We are all trying to work here


-Snacking- We all get hungry, but the smell and sound of it can be a little distracting to those around you.  Try to take it to the break room or do it quick and quietly.


-Hoarding/Messiness- Keeping everything on it so you can't see it anymore drags down the look of the whole office area.  Throw stuff out, file it, toss the old coffee cup in the garbage etc....


-Be invited- Don't just assume that since there is no door on a cubicle....you are always invited in.  Be courteous....wait a few steps away, call for your co-worker's and then approach.