Governor Andrew Cuomo held his usual briefing late Friday morning and the question about Bills fans came up once again. When asked about whether or not there was a possibility of fans returning to Bills Stadium, Cuomo opened the door for Bills fans, under the right circumstances.

Cuomo said if the infection rate is under control and the state comes up with a plan, then he wants to find a way to let Bills fan back in the stadium for the playoffs, according to WIVB's Marlee Tuskes.

The NFL playoffs would start the second weekend of January (the 9th and 10th), which puts it just over three weeks away.

Currently, the Bills are 10-3 and have a stranglehold on the top spot in the AFC East. They're all but assured a playoff spot and the division crown is very likely, considering they have a two-game lead on the Miami Dolphins with just three weeks remaining in the 2020 regular season.

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Hopefully, the infection rate can be under control, and fans are allowed back in the stadium for the team's first home playoff game in well over 20 years. It would be a shame if fans couldn't enjoy that moment.

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