A few weeks ago I received a letter from someone identifying themselves as the parent of an athlete on the Hamburg High School track and field team.  The letter writer went on to say that they often hear me talk about high school football on the radio and wanted to introduce me to high school track and field.  The Section VI ECIC Track and Field Championships were set for the final weekend in May and invited me to attend, so I did.

Even though they wrote extensively about the training their son went thru all year long, I wish the letter writer had signed the letter because I would have loved to talk to them.  The writer said "running takes a toll on the body.  It seems like something is always hurt; knees, ankles, shins, hips, calf muscles, groin, etc."

"I have seen kids trip, fall, get back up and finish the race.  I have seen kids running so fast and fighting so hard to be the first one across the finish line that they fall over themselves and crash onto the turf and end up with 'road rash' up and down their body."

The invitation came with a promise that I'll see some amazing kids doing some amazing things.  And I did.  Sweet Home's Nathaniel Davis was entered in four events and won them all.  He put up a distance of 44 feet in the triple jump and won by more than three feet.  He also won the 100-meter, 200-meter and 400-meter dash.

There are 34 events during the ECIC Championships; 17 for the boys and 17 for the girls and it works out to be a long two days.  More than the incredible performances I was impressed by the camaraderie of the athletes, not just among teammates, but among all of the participants.  In every sport I watched, athletes from different schools would encourage and cheer on each other.

It's a tremendously personal sport.  Each athlete is not only competing against others, but looking to improve on their own personal performances.  At the same time they find joy in the accomplishments of others.

So whoever invited me to the event - thank you.  Here's a little bit of what I saw over the weekend.

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