It’s been an exciting week for Buffalo Bills fans thanks to their return to training camp. We’ve missed getting facetime with our favorite players and watching them in action, and we’ve been loving every minute of it. 

It’s always a thrill when we see one of our beloved Bills out "in the wild,” dining out at one of our favorite spots. Players have been spotted chowing down at famous Buffalo spots like BarBill and Chef’s, but it’s rare to see them out and about at a run-of-the-mill chain restaurant.

But one player was spotted doing just that this week, and it surprised a lot of fans considering he’s recently become one of the biggest stars in the world.

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Damar Hamlin Back In The Spotlight This Week

All eyes have been on defender Damar Hamlin this week. For the first time since the harrowing incident last season that sent him into cardiac arrest, Hamlin strapped on his pads to take some hits at practice.

Twitter via @JonScottTV/Canva
Twitter via @JonScottTV/Canva

He admitted that it was an emotional moment for him, and that he’s continuing to work on overcoming his fear. Hamlin’s family was also in the Rochester area this week to lend their support. 

Damar Hamlin Dined At A Popular Chain Restaurant

Now that Damar Hamlin is a famous face throughout the sports world, he could easily choose to have dinner at a high-end restaurant. But despite his star status, he kept it real and had dinner at a low-key chain restaurant.

One lucky employee at a Western New York Longhorn Steakhouse was thrilled to see the Bills safety tucked in the back of one of their booths, and posted about it on the Buffalo Bills subreddit.

Damar Hamlin came to eat at my Longhorn Steakhouse!
by u/Born-Chemistry-1407 in buffalobills

We’re not sure which Longhorn Steakhouse Hamlin dropped by. Since the Bills have been spending so much time in the Rochester area lately because of training camp, it could have been their Victor, Henrietta, or Greece location.

However, the team is back in Orchard Park Friday night for the highly-anticipated Red and Blue scrimmage, so it also could have been in OP, Cheektowaga or  Niagara Falls.

Either way, we’re happy to see Hamlin get the much needed downtime with friends and family that he deserves. With all that he’s been through and the mental and physical journey yet to come this season, it’s so important that he takes time to enjoy himself with his loved ones.

Now, what do you think he ordered?

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