Packed crowds have filled the stadium daily at Saint John Fisher University in Rochester ever since the Buffalo Bills arrived for training camp.

For the most part Bills’ training camp has been uneventful aside from a few moments. (Who could forget that sweet meeting between Josh Allen and one of his young fans?) 

However, today was a potentially big day for the Bills, as they practiced full-contact for the first time this preseason.

Admittingly, it’s no surprise that the players might be a little nervous strapping on pads for the first time in several months. Fans also got a little worried after watching quarterback Josh Allen take a hard hit (thankfully he seems to be fine). 

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But we can’t help but wonder how one particular player was feeling while taking and giving hits for the first time since his life-changing incident.

Damar Hamlin Back In Pads At Bills Training Camp

Any Buffalo Bills fan can tell you exactly where they were the moment Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during Monday Night Football after a freak accident sent him into cardiac arrest.

His recovery journey has been one of the most inspiring sports stories of all time, and fans were ecstatic learning that he would be back on the roster this season.

His return to the field doesn’t come without some nerves, though - and rightfully so, Hamlin was feeling them today at training camp.

Damar Hamlin Is Working On Overcoming His Fear

While speaking to the media after today’s session, Hamlin admitted that putting pads back on today was difficult for him, and left him grappling with “a roller coaster of emotions.” However, he said he’s continuing to work on overcoming his fear.

Damar Hamlin giving thanks
Twitter via @JonScottTV/Canva

“You can’t hit that field with hesitation; you put yourself in more danger doing that. It crosses my mind being a little scared here and there, but my strength is rooted in my faith.” - Damar Hamlin

After the press conference, Hamlin took the time to sign autographs and show some love to waiting fans.

Damar Hamlin signing autographs
Twitter via @kevc_sports/Canva

We're so happy seeing Damar Hamlin back in action out on the field. We wish him the very best in health and success this season, and hope he continues to stay safe and happy while remaining such a positive force to everyone around him.

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