Damar Hamlin took some people by surprise with a comment that he made recently about what he would love to see happen when it comes to the end of his career.

Who is Damar Hamlin?

Damar Hamlin is a safety for the Buffalo Bills.  He became well-known after an on-field accident that sent him into cardiac arrest.  He went through what is known as Commodio Cordis.  It's something that happens after something strikes the chest at a very critical time during the heartbeat.  It often will send the person into cardiac arrest (as it did with Hamlin) and sometimes ends in death.

The entire country was behind him and sent positive thoughts and prayers his way.  Hamlin beat the odds and pulled through.  Not only did he recover from the cardiac arrest, but in what many are calling a miracle, he was able to earn a spot on the roster for the very next season.

What did Hamlin say that created such a stir?

On Saturday, Hamlin was at a meet and greet event at a sports card store in Pittsburgh.  He was asked if he would ever like to come and play for the Steelers someday.  Hamlin barely hesitated when he responded that it would be a dream to finish his career as a Pittsburgh Steeler.

The comment didn't sit well with Bills Mafia

As you would expect, Bills fans got a little upset about the comment.  It's tough when you hear one of your current players ever admit that they would like to be on another team, ever.  You want every player to bleed red, white, and blue as you seemingly have for all of your life.

But you have to understand where he's coming from.  Hamlin is a Pittsburgh native.  He was born and raised there.  He went to college there.  Why wouldn't it be a dream to play for the hometown team that you grew up watching?

It makes sense that it might have hurt to hear, but put yourself in his shoes.  He never said he didn't want to be a Buffalo Bill.  But when he's done, he just thinks it would be a dream to finish where it all started for him.

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