It's pretty common for players to talk a little trash on the field during a game.  However, it's not quite as common for a player to come to another's defense on the other team.

Ready for the understatement of the year?  The Bills are not where they want to be when it comes to their performance this year.  They've certainly underperformed and for the first time in a long time are on the outside looking in when it comes to the post-season.  The Bills will likely have to win every game for the rest of the season in order to even get a sniff of the playoffs.

Is it Josh Allen's fault?

Many people are blaming Josh Allen.  All year it's been about how he just hasn't played up to his potential.  He leads the league in interceptions and for a few weeks had a hard time leading his offense to 20 points or more during a game.

Josh seems to be back

However, for the past two weeks, we've seen a glimpse into the old Josh again.  The Bills have taken on two very good defenses with New York and Philadelphia and scored over 30 on both of them.  Allen has thrown for over 600 yards combined in the past two weeks.  But still what people are talking about is how he tends to turn the ball over with bad interceptions.  For the 8th week in a row, Allen registered at least one interception.  He's had one for 8 weeks in a row now.

One of the guys who just went head-to-head with Allen this week is Darius Slay, one of the premier defensive backs in the NFL.  After the game, he seemed to be defending Allen as he was talking about how he just doesn't understand the criticism.

It's clear to see the respect is there for Allen (at least from Slay) as he tries to understand the math.

If you throw the ball more often, you're going to have a better chance at interceptions.

The Bills have a week to get themselves ready to make a run

Whatever it is that is causing the Bills to lose games has to get cleared up pretty quickly.  They still have a chance to get into the playoffs, but that window is closing more and more with every loss.  They are on their bye week this week and will come back to a very tough schedule where they will face at least 3 possible Super Bowl contenders.

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