You might think Board & Brush Creative Studio-Kenmore sounds like a great outing for the ladies. You pick a fun, trendy wood sign or wood decor project and they provide all the supplies and instructions. You go home with a Pinterest-worthy piece and they take care of the clean-up.

But after my wife, Elizabeth, and I did a workshop together, I'm here to tell you that Board & Brush Kenmore is great for date nights, office team-building outings, and fun get-togethers with friends, too. You get to use lots of different tools, they have food and beer, and there are lots of cool projects that are perfect for man caves or home offices.

I was worried about the project because of my lack of handyman skills, but the staff described every step that we took and helped make sure my picture came out great.

Each piece of work can be totally customized with colors, distressing, and other options. If you like a certain project but maybe not the color of the model, you can pick whatever color you like. It makes it easy to match up different colors to make each project a true one of a kind that will fit in perfectly with the rest of your decor. Elizabeth's project is going in our mudroom so you'll see it right when you walk in the door, and mine is going in my office at work.

The host and staff were super friendly, too. As our projects were drying, we sat at the tables, had a beer, and talked. The night flew by and it made the whole experience feel like you were just hanging out with friends all night long.

But don't just take my word for it. Check out to view their upcoming workshops, browse available projects and book a spot!

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