Buffalo Bills TE Dawson Knox made his return to the football field for NFL Week 14 against the Kansas City Chiefs, and he was beaming when he got into the game. 

Knox had a really good bye week, announcing his engagement to his now-fiance Alex Seefeldt. 

However, after the game, he was hoping to engage with Travis Kelce in a jersey swap, but another tight end on the Buffalo Bills received that honor. 

Dalton Kincaid was absolutely beaming when Travis Kelce approached him for a jersey swap after the game. 

The Buffalo Bills shared photos from the exchange, and the smile stretches across Kincaid’s entire face as he does a handshake with Kelce. 

Kincaid revealed that Knox may have been a “little upset” about the swap, but Kincaid was over the moon about it. 

Though Knox is such a team player, I am sure that he was also internally celebrating for Kincaid during the swap. 

As a rookie, Kincaid has taken on his role for the Buffalo Bills and fully embraced the challenges thrown at him throughout the season. Recovering from a concussion and holding down the fort while Knox was injured are just two of the things that Kincaid has bounced back from. 

There’s no doubt that he will continue to grow as a player as the season continues. 

The next game is against the Dallas Cowboys, and tickets for the game are not cheap. You can watch the Bills at Highmark Stadium for just over $200 per ticket. 

Or – you can watch the game on television from your favorite recliner chair on NFL+ or Youtube TV. 

Go Bills!

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