You thought deer were vegetarians didn't you?  This picture will make you second guess that.  For the first time ever, a deer was caught on camera chewing on human remains.

The photo was captured by Lauren Meckel from the Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State University.

(Lauren A. Meckel-Forensic Antropology Center at Texas State University)

The circumstance of the picture was kind of strange.  When people donate their bodies to science, they do all kinds of things with them.  One of the studies that take place is the study of how the bodies decompose.  It's called a "body farm" and that's where the picture was captured on a motion activated field cam.  So that explains why there was a human body decomposing in the woods in the first place.

But why would a known vegetarian like a deer be chewing on bones?

According to IFL Science, deer chew on bones of other animals because it provides them with phosphorus, calcium, sodium, and other minerals their diet can't provide during the depths of winter.